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Perhaps the best on the market?


Superior Universal Lubricant

Displaces moisture, Lubricates, Dissolves rust, Reduces Wear. Friction reducing.

Repels dust and impurities where its applied.


  • Automotive and industrial components.

  • Ball and rolling bearings.

  • Electrical engines.

  • Belt conveyor.

  • General machine equipment.

  • Chassis on automobiles and other vehicles.

  • Wheel bearings.

  • Roller couplings.

  • Open gear wheels.

  • Central lubrication systems.

  • Windmill components

Advanced Proporties

  • Strong lubricating film.

  • Universal areas of application, economical in use.

  • Extended lifetime on components.

  • Extremely water repellent.

  • Oxygen inhibited, long life product.

  • High pump-ability, very suitable for central lubrication systems.

Super 1 VDX Penetrant is a highly developed lubricator and anti corrosion protector where applied, the penetration effect is exceptional and the product does not attract dust and dirt as other lubricants, the strength of the molecule is superior.

Super 1 VDX Penetrant is resistant to caustics such as acids, the product is water repellent and resistant to salt water, steam etc.

Super 1 VDX Penetrant can be added to all metal surfaces and can be used for wire lubrication and for tools etc., where the product will prevent corrosion and rust. 

The product is environmentally friendly. You will not be supplied with a inferior product that spills uneccesary amounts of liquid onto the ground or floor. One of our staples is being environmentally focused in our product development, and creating products that longer lasting, requires less amounts and use better compounds compared to industry standards.

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