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We are proud of our sponsorship to be able to contribute to the good education of Ronalyn previously without a chance for a good future, but now under Norwegian school management and education has made great progress.


In the photo is Ronalyn graduated from 6 class on the way to higher degree and a future education at the high school.


We want to gratulate Ronalyn and compliment her for her discipline and her hard study work bringing her up front with good points.

As part of the DELTA OIL social engagement and societal responsibility, we provide support for non-governmental organization activities for children in the developing countries. Our support is related to specific projects and has the form of cash donations for the disadvantaged children.


DELTA OIL supports through selected students in the Philippines to pursue their studies: Ronalyn comes from one of the poorest areas in Manila - Isla Putting Bato.

Targeted Education Support

At our company, we understand the importance of providing targeted education support to individuals facing unique challenges. We strive to make a difference by offering specialized assistance and resources to those in need.


Our targeted education support programs are designed to address specific barriers to education, such as financial constraints, underrepresentation, and access to resources.

By equipping individuals with the necessary tools and support, we aim to create equal opportunities and empower them to overcome obstacles on their educational journey.

Education Grant

As part of our commitment to advancing education, we offer education grants to institutions and organizations that are dedicated to educational excellence.


These grants are aimed at supporting innovative projects, research endeavors, and educational programs that have the potential to make a significant impact.


By providing funding and resources, we aim to promote educational initiatives that foster creativity, critical thinking, and problem-solving skills. We believe in the power of education to transform lives and shape a brighter future.

Scholar Ship

Education is a powerful tool for personal and professional growth, and we are dedicated to empowering aspiring individuals through our scholarship program.


Our scholarships are designed to recognize academic excellence, leadership potential, and a passion for learning. By investing in the education of talented students, we strive to create opportunities that will shape their future success.


We believe in nurturing talent and providing resources that will enable these individuals to make a positive difference in their communities and beyond.

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