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Super 1 Universal Weapon Fluid belongs to a new generation of weapon lubrication oils. This type of preservative lubricator is formulated on synthetic base oil and special additives and components to maintain extreme low friction and wear protection of the weapon. This type of oil will secure the function and preservation of the weapon under all operational conditions.

Super 1 Universal Weapon Fluid is based on advanced technology and the product exceeds the marked level of quality.


Super 1 Universal Weapon Fluid  is environmentally friendly the product does not hold lead-based additives or Teflon.


Super 1 Universal Weapon Fluid is lower viscosity oil with a high index.


Super 1 Universal Weapon Fluid is a unique product with very special molecule strength to protect the metal surface in the weapon pipe etc. with a extremely low friction coefficient.


Super 1 Universal Weapon Fluid resists partly burned particles in the pipe and the product prevents the normal difficult cleaning process.


  • Universal Weapon Fluid can be used on all weapons also automatic weapons.

  • Hunting rifles, pistols, machineguns, etc. 

  • Advanced military weapon systems. 

  • Machineguns-light arms & equipment.

Advanced Proporties

  • Universal lubricator & preserving product for all weapons.

  • Low friction scale and reduced surface damage scale.

  • High molecule strength.

  • Secured function of the weapon.

  • High protection at all temperature displaces water and condenses.

  • Normal wear reduced up to 50%

  • Long life maintenance on all parts and components.

  • Special anti corrosion inhibitor.

  • High degree of preservation Super 1 Penetrant, can be used as preservation.




Super 1 VDX Penetrant is a highly developed lubricator and anti corrosion protector where applied, the penetration effect is exceptional and the product does not attract dust and dirt as other lubricants, the strength of the molecule is superior.

Super 1 VDX Penetrant is resistant to caustics such as acids, the product is waterrepellent and resistant to salt water, steam etc.

Super 1 VDX Penetrant can be added to all metal surfaces and can be used for wire lubrication and for tools etc., where the product will prevent corrosion and rust. The product is environmentally friendly.


  • Where good lubrication and rust prevention is necessary, universal properties. all year lubrication.

  • Wire lubrication, where the penetrating and creeping abilities of the product ensure that the wire is lubricated from the inside with long lasting effect.

  • Tools, forms, wires, bolts, springs and garden tools. For universal industrial and automotive use.

  • Chains, wirers, container locks, all locks, hobby machines, bicycles, weapons, trailers, etc.

Advanced Proporties

  • Dissolves rust and corrosion.

  • Quick penetration.

  • Strong clean lubricator.

  • Reduces wear and tear.

  • Releases sticky mechanisms.




EP Multi Purpose Grease has been developed to a high tech standard, with an exceptional quality level; benefits include the reduction of normal wear damage and a strong lubricating film of superior strength on a wide range of operational temperatures.

EP Multi Purpose Grease is developed on a lithium/calcium base soap with selected EP components.

EP Multi Purpose Grease can be used universally with great advantage when high quality lubrication is required.

EP Multi Purpose Grease is extremely water repellent and rust protecting.

EP Multi Purpose Grease has a high Pumpability, but at the same time, excellent coating abilities with superior anti-wear qualities.



  • Automotive and industrial components.

  • Ball and rolling bearings.

  • Electrical engines.

  • Belt conveyor.

  • General machine equipment.

  • Chassis on automobiles and other vehicles.

  • Wheel bearings.

  • Roller couplings.

  • Open gear wheels.

  • Central lubrication systems.

  • Windmill components

Advanced Proporties

  • Strong lubricating film.

  • Universal areas of application, economical in use.

  • Extended lifetime on components.

  • Extremely water repellent.

  • Oxygen inhibited, long life product.

  • High pump-ability, very suitable for central lubrication systems.

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