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EP Soluble

EP Soluble Oil is the preferable water soluble type of coolant in a modern version based on mineral oils featuring outstanding properties, suitable as a cooling fluid with effective protection of the tool in cutting and drilling operations.


EP Soluble Oil has been developed to fulfil the requirements of the all round coolant in the metal processing industries.


  • Can be used with great advantage in cutting operations, as turning, routing and drilling.

  • Is recommended for polishing and for use on both ferrous and non-ferrous metals (not magnesium alloys) where the priority is cooling and rust protection.

  • Does not discolour red metal like brass and other copper alloys, has outstanding high pressure properties and stable emulsion over longer periods.

Advanced Proporties

  • Emulsion Ability/Stability

    • The oil and water will easily mix and form a stable milky emulsion.

  • Anti Bacteria Properties

    • Contains selected bacteria inhibiting agents to reduce environmental problems (such as skin irritation) provided that the stated concentrations are observed continues.


EP Cutting Fluid

Multi Service Gear Oil belongs to a new generation of sophisticated high performance oils featuring outstanding properties, a superior semi-synthetic gear oil with an extreme low friction. It has been developed on selected highly refined base oils with a high viscosity index.

Multi Service Gear Oil has been added special extreme pressure (EP) additives for increased durability and performance.


  • EP Cutting Oil is available in two types and viscosities, recommended as follows:

    • Grade A 22 for: Drilling, high speed smooth turning, gear cutting, horizontal reaming at cutting speeds of above 20m/minute and normal vertical reaming.

    • Grade C 46 for: Sawing, milling, slow smooth turning, gear cutting and horizontal reaming at cutting speeds of up to 20 m/minute.

Advanced Proporties

  • Perform outstanding lubrication and cooling protection against corrosion, prolonged tool life through protection of the cutting edge.

  • Generates very little mist and does not foam.

  • Contains unique properties which make it ideal for extreme pressure purpose.

  • Does not discolour bronze or copper-/brass alloys.

  • Reduced wear and tear, improved tool life.

  • Anti rust inhibitor in all machine parts.


EP Gardex Fluid

EP Gardex Fluid is an environmentally friendly liquid, a highly developed synthetic fluid for cooling and precise lubrication of the cutting or drilling tool.

EP Gardex Fluid is specially formulated as an ”all round” cooling lubricator for the tools.

EP Gardex Fluid is a transparent synthetic fluid with low viscosity special selected additives.

EP Gardex Fluid is a water soluble type added a special emulsifier to maintain a stable emulsion.

EP Gardex Fluid is without nitrate and resistant to development of microorganism break down.


  • Can with advantage be used in cutting- operations, turning, routing, drilling, etc.

  • Recommended to cool slice stones and for anti corrosion protection.

  • Will not discolour”other” materials as f.ex brass or copper.

Advanced Proporties

  • A stable emulsifier will secure a quick and stable emulsion where the fluid and the water will mix automatic; the product has very good mix ability properties

  • The fluid is holding anti bacteria additives, effective when normal concentration and mixing take place.

  • EP Gardex Fluid will contribute to better environment as well as the product is friendly to man.

  • Extended lifetime on tool and components, higher efficiency.

  • Ideal environmental cooling fluid in various machine functions. Good foam resistance.

  • Odourless, Effective lubrication, Optimal protection.



EP Chain Oil is a special type of chain oil with a very strong molecular film to protect the chain and the chain-saws under operation and shock load.

EP Chain Oil belongs to the non-drip type of oil.

EP Chain Oil will secure longer life on the chain/chainsaw and components in general.


  • Especially formulated oil particularly suited for chain swords.

  • The non-dripping capabilities makes it suitable for industrial chains in conveyors, converters etc.

Advanced Proporties

  • Displays the lubricating effect by prolonged chain life, gear wheels etc.

  • Selected EP (Extreme Pressure) additives reduce wear and operating temperature on chains under stress.

  • Anti rust and anti corrosion properties maintains all chain connections and joints in order.

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