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DELTAMAR 300, 400

DELTAMAR belong to a new generation of sophisticated high performance oils featuring outstanding properties, for recommended use in 4 stroke marine engines gasoil-marinediesel type smaller wessels, fishingboats etc.

DELTAMAR has been developed using a top sellection of base oils and selected additives to meet the most stringent quality requirements for marine engines.

DELTAMAR is the recommended detergent system oil for crosshead engines and for trunk piston engines running on distillate fuels.


  • Especially recommended for fishing fleets with marine engines in all size wessels.

Advanced Proporties

  • Energy saving type motor oil.

  • Special additives added to ensure optimal protection and longer engine life.

  • Reduces friction and normal wear and tear to a minimum.

  • Oxidation stabilizer and anti-rust inhibitors



Outboard Motor Oil belongs to a new generation of sophisticated high performance oils featuring outstanding properties.

Outboard Motor Oil has been developed using top quality base oils with the addition of special additives.


  • Outboard Motor Oil is recommended for all types of water and air-cooled two-stroke engines such as:

    • Outboard motors, jet skies

    • Motor sleighs

    • Motorbikes, scooters, mopeds

    • Lawn mowers

    • Chain saws

  • Delta Oil Gas Conditioner can be added for lower wear and tear and longer engine life. Typical addition percentages will be 10 ml Gas Conditioner/ 10 Ltr fuel.

Advanced Proporties

  • Has been especially developed as automatic lubricating two stroke engine oil and is listed as a super outboard type.

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