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AX Compressor oil belongs to the new generation of sophisticated high performance products with outstanding properties, formulated on a special selected synthetic base oil and 310 xx additive combinations.


AX Compressor oil is High Tech oil for Air Compressors.


AX Compressor oil is superior air compressor oil developed from the finest base oils available. Selected additives display oxidation stability, anti corrosion properties and does not foam.


  • Can be recommended for use in air cooled single and two step air compressors due to exceptional high oxidation stability.

  • Can especially be recommended for water cooled and multi step piston compressors and rotation compressors.

  • The properties of the oil make it suitable for use in units where mineral oils have been used previously.

  • Can be mixed with mineral oils.

Advanced Proporties

  • Eliminates high air temperature problems.

  • Inhibits formation of sludge and coke (carbon - carbon residue).

  • Contains high scale oxidation stabilizers.

  • Anti corrosive additives.


RX Compressor oil is developed on special selected base oils; the composition of the oil is made to exceed the level of demands from the compressor manufactures.


RX Compressor Oil is High Tech formulated oil for piston-compressors.


RX Compressor Oil is special developed compressor oil, can be used with advantage, instead of conventional oils at temperatures between 60C - +100C.


RX Compressor Oil is developed on a selected synthetic base oil of very high quality.


  • Can be recommended for use in cooling compressors working under extreme conditions. 

  • Will give high performance results under normal conditions in piston compressors.

  • Especially recommended for cooling units under hard work pressure conditions with evaporation temperatures between 60C - +100C. 

  • The properties make it suitable for use in units where mineral oils have been used previously. 

  • Can be mixed with mineral oils.

Advanced Proporties

  • Eliminates cooling unit problems at low temperatures due to superior mixing characteristics, extended and longer periods between services.

  • Chemically stable in conjunction with recommended coolants, including Freon based. 

  • Has great advantages compared with conventional refrigeration oils.

  • Displays high oxidation stability resulting in longer oils life.

  • Technical and physical stable properties. 

  • Low evaporation, high index.

  • Inhibits formation of sludge, soap and coke (carbon - carbon residue).

  • Low pour point.

EP HYDRALIC HV 22, 32, 46, 68, 100

EP Hydraulic HV belongs to a new generation of high performance oils with outstanding properties, low friction such as reduced wear and longer lifetime doing operations. EP Hydraulic HV has been developed using highly refined base oils with selected additives, ensuring that the oil covers all the technological requirements of state-of-the-art hydraulic oil. This type of Hydraulic Fluid is more thermal stable compared to other hydraulic fluids.


  • Recommended for industrial & hydraulic systems including injection-moulding machines in the plastic industry, hydraulic presses, cranes, windlasses, lifts and pumps.

  • Particularly suited for contractor equipment, other mobile equipment and for marine applications.

  • Recommended for all hydraulic power systems operating at a pressure of above 70 Bars (Kg/cm2) and at pump speeds above 1600 RPM.

Advanced Proporties

  • The oil has been developed as long life oil and stabilizes oxidation and is thermos stable.

  • Can be used as an all round processing oil with many industrial uses due to its high quality.

  • Ensures, with the special selected additives, minimal wear and tear and extended lifetime for all components.

  • Strong Anti corrosion inhibitor for all metals including silver, copper and bronze.


EP Industrial Oil is the leading product regarding Tribology and belongs to a new generation of sophisticated high performance oils featuring outstanding properties, superior, not only to the best conventional oils on the market, but also the semi-synthetic and synthetic oils.


EP Industrial Oil is an EP gear oil of the NL group (Non-Leaded) for industrial gears. Can with advantage be used as a processing oil. Is suitable for circulation, bath and central lubrication systems.


EP Industrial Oil carries a strong anti rust inhibitor, as well as anti oxidation properties and anti foaming.


EP Industrial Oil contains additives which make it unique for industrial gears with brass alloys, including bronze worm wheels in worm gears and white metal bearings. Is furthermore added special components to secure long life operation as well as longer lifetime of the oil.


  • All industrial gear systems. 

  • Well recommended for circulation and bath lubrication plants as it contains excellent adhesive properties. 

  • All metal including the brass and bronze wheels in warm gears.

  • Recommended as a processing oil. 

  • Recommended for windmill gears.

Advanced Proporties

A superior product within the tribology containing outstanding FMA additives which will: 

  • Reduce friction. 

  • Reduces normal wear and tear on the components to a great extent. 

  • Reduces working temperatures. 

  • Reduces general energy consumption. 

  • Reduces costs and maintenance. 

  • Prolong lifetime on all components & materials.


EP Chain Oil is a special type of chain oil with a very strong molecular film to protect the chain and the chain-saws under operation and shock load.

EP Chain Oil belongs to the non-drip type of oil.

EP Chain Oil will secure longer life on the chain/chainsaw and components in general.


  • Can with advantage be used in cutting- operations, turning, routing, drilling, etc.

  • Recommended to cool slice stones and for anti corrosion protection.

  • Will not discolour”other” materials as f.ex brass or copper.

Advanced Proporties

  • Displays the lubricating effect by prolonged chain life, gear wheels etc.

  • Selected EP (Extreme Pressure) additives reduce wear and operating temperature on chains under stress.

  • Anti rust and anti corrosion properties maintains all chain connections and joints in order.

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