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EP Multi Purpose Grease has been developed to a high tech standard, with an exceptional quality level; benefits include the reduction of normal wear damage and a strong lubricating film of superior strength on a wide range of operational temperatures.

EP Multi Purpose Grease is developed on a lithium/calcium base soap with selected EP components.

EP Multi Purpose Grease can be used universally with great advantage when high quality lubrication is required.

EP Multi Purpose Grease is extremely water repellent and rust protecting.

EP Multi Purpose Grease has a high Pumpability, but at the same time, excellent coating abilities with superior anti-wear qualities.



  • Automotive and industrial components.

  • Ball and rolling bearings.

  • Electrical engines.

  • Belt conveyor.

  • General machine equipment.

  • Chassis on automobiles and other vehicles.

  • Wheel bearings.

  • Roller couplings.

  • Open gear wheels.

  • Central lubrication systems.

  • Windmill components

Advanced Proporties

  • Strong lubricating film.

  • Universal areas of application, economical in use.

  • Extended lifetime on components.

  • Extremely water repellent.

  • Oxygen inhibited, long life product.

  • High pump-ability, very suitable for central lubrication systems.

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