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Diesel Conditioner is a liquid additive to be used in auto diesel fuel.


Diesel Conditioner reduces NOx up to 48% as a strong improvement for a better environment.


Diesel Conditioner emulsifies completely with the fuel and can be used to prevent impurities around the jets and nozzles giving optimum lubrication of the fuel pump. A Cetane booster increasing the engine horse power.


Diesel Conditioner is highly effective; the presence of the additive will optimise the Cetane number and contribute to more effective Fuel-burning where unburned particles will be reduced to a minimum. (the Cetane number is normally between 45-55 from the refinery, and for the European market typically 48-49).


Diesel Conditioner reduces the build-up of staple fibres and the separation of paraffin at low working temperatures. Retards CFPP (Cold Filter Plugging Point).


  • Engines including stationary engines.

  • Contractor material

  • The transportation sector

  • Agriculture

  • Mining

  • Forestry

  • Marine engines

  • Taxi - busses

Advanced Proporties

  • Mixes homogeneously with the diesel fuel. Optimised cetane number.

  • Demolishes sulphur acids.

  • Reduces the risk of fugacity (Diesel Plague).

  • Stabilizes ignition and combustion, especially at low operation temperatures usually when the diesel fuel often will be added kerosene or other flow improvers.

  • Field-tests shows economic Fuel savings on upto8%

  • Laboratory-test shows reduction of unburned NOx particles and pollution by 48%



Gas Conditioner is a floating self mixing additive to gasoline/petrol/benzin fuel for improvement of economy and environment, with higher effect and better burning of the fuel, cleaner exhaust. An octane booster and a lead neutraliser.

Gas Conditioner can be used in all petrol/gasoline operated engines and can also be added to unleaded gasoline and standard gasoline with great advantage. Gas Conditioner is also recommended for cars with catalytic converters.

Gas Conditioner support the ignition and maintain cleaner combustion, over a period of time, the product will neutralize the build-up of carbon and the formation of coke, a tank cleaner and a lead neutralizer.


  • All petrol/gasoline engines

  • Air force F 16 pump lubricator

  • Tank Cleaning fluid

  • Lead neutralizer

Advanced Proporties

  • Stabilized ignition and improved combustion, especially at low temperatures.

  • The valves will operate smoothly.

  • Ensures optimum and quick lubrication at all temperatures, improved functions in injector systems and carboretor, and a continued cleaning system process.

  • The cylinder walls will be protected by a protecting film.

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