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A Modern Company

A modern company with a strong business concept, operating in several areas around the world. A strong name in the world of oil and the technology industry.

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Why clients
choose us?

They are supplied with products of the highest quality that are cleaner and longer lasting which reduce friction, thus lowering consumption and saving energy.


The first step in our client process is uncovering their specific needs and the challenges they are facing in their operations.



Through the initial consultation, clients are introduced to products with advanced properties for  their operations.

Clients receive the right product for their specific needs straight from the factory to their doorstep.

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Our product technology is among the most advanced in the world. Our developed products can be used safely in engines at high speeds and will reduce fuel consumption, maintenance and operation costs.

We are very concerned about the environmental position of the planet Earth. Our contribution is targeting every product to exceed the highest environmental demands. By combining longer lasting attributes with a continued development to use better materials, our clients receive products that are environmentally of higher quality.


We supply high quality Lubricants, Petrochemicals, Additives and Special Products for the Automotive, Industrial, Transport, Contractors, Aviation, Marine,Offshore, Military sectors. 

We have proudly delivered countless product solutions for many partners and clients

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Explore us as a company, a brand and what we value in our solutions offered to clients.

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