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SUPER 1 Universal Gun Oil

belongs to a new generation of weapon oils. This type of preservative lubricator is formulated on synthetic base oil and special additives and components to maintain extreme low friction and wear protection of the weapon. This type of oil will secure the function and preservation of the weapon under all operational conditions.

Super 1 Universal Gun Oil is based on advanced technology and the product exceeds the marked level of quality.

Super 1 Universal Gun Oil is environmentally friendly; the product does not hold lead-based additives or Teflon.

Super 1 Universal Gun Oil is lower viscosity oil with a high index.

Super 1 Universal Gun Oil is a unique product with very special molecule strength to protect the metal surface in the weapon pipe, etc. with an extremely low friction coefficient.

Super 1 Universal Gun Oil resists partly burned particles in the pipe and the product prevents the normal difficult cleaning process.