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SUPER 1 Lube Concentrate

is a special developed additive which can be used as an EP (Extreme Pressure) improver to mineral, semi-synthetic and synthetic oils and fluids with great advanta­ge.

Super 1 Lube Concentrate is a high performance additive, to gasoline and diesel type Motor oils, Hydraulic oils, Machine oils, Metal working fluids and Gear oils, etc.

Super 1 Lube Concentrate is a petrochemical high-tech product which ensures optimum lubrication and surface protection to all moving parts. Lowers the friction and reduces the normal wear to a minimum with a lower working temperature and reduced energy consumption as a result.

Super 1 Lube Concentrate has shown incredibly good results during labora­tory tests and practical field test. These tests show examples of a 30% reduction in friction, just as measuring shows a reduction in wear and tear by up to 50%.

Super 1 Lube Concentrate does not contain any additives which chemically change the oils it is added to, neither does it change the viscosity of the oil when added as prescribed.