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SUPER 1 Diesel Conditioner

is a liquid additive to be used in Marine Diesel fuel.

Super 1 Diesel Conditioner emulsifies completely with the fuel and can be used to prevent impurities around the jets and nozzles giving optimum lubrication of the fuel pump. A Cetane booster increasing the engine horse power.

Super 1 Diesel Conditioner is highly effective; the presence of the additive will optimise the Cetane number and contribute to more effective Fuel-burning where unburned particles will be reduced to a minimum (the Cetane number is normally between 45-55 from the refinery, and for the European market typically 48-49).

Super 1 Diesel Conditioner reduces NOx up to 48% as a strong improvement for a better environment.

Super 1 Diesel Conditioner reduces the build-up of staple fibres and the separation of paraffin at low working temperatures. Retards CFPP (Cold Filter Plugging Point).