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About our brands

The DELTA OIL company name has been on the market since 1932 started in New York. The DELTA OIL hallmark was modernised later by the European Group of DELTA OIL. The name, logo and intellectual property rights belong to DELTA OIL EUROPE.

Company History

DELTA OIL is a modern oil company with a strong business concept, operating in several areas around the world.
The DELTA OIL group of companies is sharing a strong name in the world of oil and technology industry.

DELTA OIL makes the decision in 1986 to start a research programme in the area of tribology with fundamental studies making it possible to reduce the friction coefficient and the energy consumption.
After a period with the research programme, laboratory test and field test DELTA OIL could introduce a new product technology in 1990 with initial marketing in the Scandinavian region.
The DELTA OIL product technology has afterwords been marketed in a number of countries as well as continued development of better environmental solutions up to date has been a part of the programme. 


DELTA OIL markets a complete range of high performance oils, grease products, petrochemicals, additives, special products, fuel additives, bio-degradable oils, etc. Our products are sold to businesses in the transport, contracting and automotive sectors as well as to general industrial concerns. Special oils are sold to the marine & offshore industry, as well as for use in aviation and airports. DELTA OIL has developed products which can be used safely in engines at high speeds and will reduce fuel consumption, maintenance and operation costs. DELTA OIL produces cleaner and longer lasting products which reduce friction thus lowering consumption and saving energy. We are able to supply the highest quality products to customers as they require them.


The production of DELTA OIL products, for the European market, takes place in Belgium and France in the factories which have the coveted ISO 9002 Quality Certificate by the SGS European Quality Certification Institute.


The DELTA OIL technology is on a high level when extreme conditions are present. DELTA OIL products are more universal in use, the friction coefficient is lower compared to conventional oils. The customer in general will get superior products to a compatible price with lower energy consumption, lower fuel consumption, better environmental conditions and longer lifetime on components. DELTA OIL products in practical use save money and reduce maintenance cost. DELTA OIL high quality products will secure production on all equipment, machinery and engines etc. in operation at any time.


DELTA OIL is very concerned about the environmental position of the planet Earth. Our contribution is targeting every product to exceed the highest environment demands. The DELTA OIL development of special fuel additives for Diesel and Gasoline has been reducing the release of unburned particles and NOx by 48%. The DELTA OIL product technology concerning lubricants is a reduction of friction coefficient by 50% leading to much lower energy consumption.


DELTA OIL is keen to maintain and develop an exciting and challenging working environment for all our employees wherever we operate. As a dynamic and rapidly growing company, we are always in the lookout for talented new individuals to join our team. You are more than welcome to send us your unsolicited application to the E-mail written down below. If a job comes along that suit for your special qualifications, we will contact you. Info@Deltaoil.com

Updated: 22.08.2017