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Climate Conference

COPENHAGEN Climate Conference 2009 
The Climate Conference in Copenhagen is essential for the worlds climate and the Danish government and UNFCCC.

The valuable news in this section is that Mr Barry Robertsson European Commision in 1999 have recieved proposals in connection with the 5th frameprogam and now years after we finally see positive signs and changes.
The negative contribution of CO2 on this plannet can be reduced in a high scale by newtraffic regulations and implementation of 24 hrs green wave systems and modern flexibillity for the traffic.
Transportation is keeping up a negative share of CO2 by 27% of the total contribution and this figure can be reduced with immediate action.  
Also a number of traffic lights could be settled in Yellow after 9.00 pm in the evening to avoid unnecessary stop/start situations.
The unneccesary stop/start situations of road and city traffic must be changed to a minimum. Improvement of flexibillity was leading to the conclusion that 50% of all traffic lights should be removed and in case replaced with roundabouts.
Implementation of legal right turn at red light has started in Germany with the very positive result that the right lane is free and the waiting time in all right turn corners is reduced to 0. The time distance for traffic between position A to B is reduced with lower energy and fuel consumption to follow and less unleading of unburned particles as NOx and CO2 in the evening, many traffic lights can been shut off and the traffic ventilation has been improved. 
No matter the many bicycles in Denmark, changes has to be made here, so they do not have general priority.
Many foreign truckdrivers are having a shock when they discover bicycles just continue in front of the right turning traffic and in this situation people are getting killed.
By establishment of legal right turn traffic, bicycles must hold back and continue when straight forward green light is shown, this regulation will avoid dead causes and it will be a positive contribution to the environment, when stop/start situations is reduced.
The stop/start situations of thousands of tons of vehicles must be reduced to a minimum in road and city areas to cut down the pollution and the energy consumption.
When transportation is represented with a share of 27% of releasing CO2  in the atmosphere, this figure can be remarkable reduced and the great oppotunity for Denmark as a host for this Climate Conference is to present proposals and good solutions at the same time.