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World of cycling

DELTA OIL's Super 1 VDX Penetrant © is Bjarne Riis' secret weapon
The leading Scandinavian newpaper Berlingske Tidene (DK) in an interview with Bjarne Riis 
(a Danish former professional road bicycle racer) who was the winner and world champion
in the 1996 Tour de France and now is the team owner and manager of Danish UCI ProTour
outfit Team Saxo Bank Sungard, writes that the new oil and gear rolls technology is Bjarne
Riis' new secret weapon in the battle for CSC / World Online.
These new components will ensure the Danish team one minute for each 30 kilometers.
"It may seem like a triviality, but it is often trivial determines the important race," said Riis at 
the news conference. According to Bjarne Riis the riders' bikes are equipped with new gear
rolls and the new oil technology and extreme low friction means that riders will save considerable
effort and obtain one minute for every 30 km run. The entire stage is 269 km, meaning that
riders on the Danish team can "win" up to 9 minutes.
The oil which Bjarne Riis refers to is DELTA OIL’s Super 1 VDX Penetrant ©. The product is 
marketed also from professional cycling shops in Denmark as Biker Oil.

Super 1 VDX Penetrant © reduces friction and thus wear with a high margin. The oil is rust
lifting, rust protective, lubricating, moisture displacing, repels water, salt, acids, etc. and repels
dust and dirt.
Super 1 VDX Penetrant © works in all weather conditions, even under water.

This product forms a film heater on the material that is not sticky, but ensure through strong
protective film of oil to avoid wear on moving parts and the tolerances change.
The product can be used where a good lubrication and rust protection needed - such as pedals, 
gears, chains and other moving parts as well as locks and cables.
Super 1 VDX Penetrant © marketed in Europe in the following packaging: 200 liters, 60 liters, 
20 liters, 5 liters, 1 liter, 500 ml, 200 ml and in 75 ml in Denmark under the name Delta Bikeoil.